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Our Long Block Engine Includes:

  • Cam/Main/Rod Bearings  
  • Oil Pump  
  • Timing Gears  
  • Camshaft  
  • Pistons  
  • Valves  
  • Connecting Rods  
  • Piston Rings  
  • Valve Guides  
  • Gaskets  
  • Push Rods  
  • Valve Keepers  
  • Lifters  
  • Rocker Arms  
  • Valve Springs  

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    Name 3208 Caterpillar Long Block Engine For Oshkosh Motor Truck Co. - Reman
    Brand Caterpillar
    Condition Remanufactured
    Part Type Long Block Engine
    Aspiration N/A
    Liters 10.4L
    Block V
    Designation 3208
    Fuel DIESEL
    Fuel System Control U/K
    Vin Code U/K
    Image Gallery N/A
    We stand behind our unbeatable quality with a One year unlimited mileage warranty!
    - available on most engines

    3208 Caterpillar Long Block Engine For Oshkosh Motor Truck Co. - Reman

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    One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty!

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    Vehicle application fitments

    YearMakeModelFueltypeLiterEnginefamilyVinBlockEnginetypeFitment Notes
    1984Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.HighlandDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1986Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.HighlandDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1982Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1983Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1984Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1985Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1986Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1987Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1988Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1989Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1990Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.PDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1993Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.TDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1981Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1982Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1983Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1984Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1985Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1986Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1987Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1988Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1989Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.VDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1990Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.V LineDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
    1991Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.V LineDIESEL10.4L3208-VCaterpillarN/A
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